The app indicates whether you can safely continue to drive, or are required to seek immediate assistance. This app educate you about your car issues, you could be able to handle any problems your car might experience. Dashboard warnings icons from all car brands and models, their description and advice how to deal with almost any issue if the warning light illuminates.
dashboard indicators lighs
Check The application come bundled with:
Access to all cars manufacturers sites: Canada, US, Mexico, UK and Europe
Roadside Assistance phone numbers: Canada, US, Mexico, UK and Europe
Pay-Per-Use Road Assistance numbers: Canada, US, Mexico, UK and Europe
Police Emergency phone numbers: Canada, US, Mexico, UK & European countries
All these information conveniently stored on your phone.

Car Locator  Built-in Car Locator, you can find your parked car on map.
Stop  Stop driving immediately, pull over.
Drive with caution Drive with caution, reduce speed.
If you drive you should have this app on your iPhone, helps identify problem with your car. Knowing the basic of your car problem reduces repair cost.

Warnings lights arranged:
Critical Warnings - Critical Warnings
Alert Indicators - Alert Indicators
Hybrid and Electric - Hybrid & Electric
Diesel Vehicles - Diesel Vehicles
Active Mechanism - Active Mechanism

S.O.S. Police Emergency & Roadside Assistance numbers:: Canada, US, Mexico, UK and all European countries.